Windows 8 And Memory

The official system specifications for Windows 8 (which also goes by the names Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows XP) desktops all state that a minimum of 1GB of RAM should be used for operating the 32-bits version of Windows 8. However, it’s worth pointing out that those are actually the minimum requirements for a computer with Windows 8 installed. While these figures are more than adequate to run most applications on the system, not all games will function well on a computer with less RAM.

If you want to be able to play your favorite games in Window 8 OS, you’ll need to have at least 2GB of RAM. This is the minimum amount of RAM recommended by Microsoft. In fact, if you can’t afford the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro (as many people cannot), then at least have an extra 2GB of ram for your PC. It might seem like you’re not getting any more RAM, but because the operating system needs at least this much RAM, Windows will use it to run the basic tasks, and then will save it up for the next time you use the system.

When you get a new gaming system and install games or use their tools, you might want to make sure that you have more RAM for the operating system. To find out how much RAM you’ll need for your Windows machine, check out the box below to get a free online memory test. Once you do, you can determine just how much RAM you’ll need to maximize the gaming experience of your computer.

If you’re using the Internet to browse the web, you’ll be pleased to know that you can even take a free memory check using your favorite search engine. You’ll be surprised at how much information you have available to you on this, so take advantage of this tool before you choose a specific brand or type of computer. Many people don’t realize how much RAM they actually need for their computer until the time comes when they buy new computers and the upgrade to Windows begins, which can make everything run a lot smoother.

If you need a free online memory test, you can use these websites to find out how much memory your computer actually needs. There is a test available for most versions of Microsoft Windows as well as Mac OS X and Linux. You should be able to find all three of these tests easily enough.

After you get a test, you should make sure that you can set aside this amount of RAM for games and other programs that you use frequently. The amount you spend on this type of investment in RAM will make a big difference, so don’t skimp on this.

If you find that you still want more RAM for your Windows machine, you should consider installing third party software to boost the amount of ram that Windows has. You can get additional RAM in order to add more video cards and graphic cards for your system. You can even find add-on software that will scan your computer for free and let you know the exact amount of ram that your computer has.

Another free online memory check can be used to determine the amount of RAM that your operating system needs for installation and performance. Most people find this easy and convenient, because it lets them know exactly what RAM that they need without having to go to a computer shop.

By knowing the amount of RAM your computer needs, you’ll be able to install different programs and features that will make your computer operate much faster and more efficiently. Some programs that will help you maximize the speed of your computer include a registry cleaner, and spyware remover.

By installing the extra ram that your computer needs, you’ll be able to use it to do many things. For example, if you are someone who plays a lot of games, then a higher RAM will allow your computer to run smoothly and effectively, so that you can enjoy a longer gaming session without having to wait a long time for your computer to boot up.

Take the time to look up a free online memory check to find out exactly what your computer’s RAM configuration is. You’ll find that the more ram you have, the better your computer will run and that you’ll have a lot more options for your computer to run without a hitch.

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